Your Santa Fe Robotics team (Team 2359 RoboLobos)  will be headed to Houston, early Wednesday morning for the Championship.
Watch this video….
Your Guide to understanding the Robotics Competition
About the game

The theme is Steamworks.  There are two “airships” on the field that we are trying to “launch”.  In order to do so, we need to load fuel (bright green softball sized wiffle balls), and get the rotors turning. by delivering yellow gears to the airship.

You get points by:
Shooting them into the high boiler,  1 point for every 3 balls..  So you need a lot of balls to score points.  Bonus if you get more than 40 points.  We can score a few, but this is not our primary goal.
Delivering gears to air ship.  First gear is worth 40, next two are worth 40, then next 3 are worth 40 and the last 6 are worth 40.  So it gets increasingly difficult to score points, but there is a bonus if you get all 4 sets up to start all 4 rotors.
Climbing the rope.  Your robot will score 50 points if it can climb the rope at the end of the match and keep the light lit at the end of the match.
Good alliances should score over 300 points.
About the tournament
There will be about 420 teams competing.  Most from the U.S. but there are also teams from Canada, Mexico, Israel, Australia, Chile, Turkey, England, and Taiwan.
The Championship is actually divided into two Championships this year, the first time ever.  The Houston Championship this week is primarily teams from the Western and Southern states.  Next week teams primarily from the Northeast will compete in St. Louis.
At the championship, they divide the 420 into 6 divisions of about 70 teams each.  Each division is named after a famous scientist, engineer or mathematician.  Our division is named Carver after George W. Carver.
After playing 10 matches.  The top 8 teams will chose 3 additional teams to be on their alliance.  Two that will play and the 3rd will be a backup robot.  The 8 alliances will compete for the championship of their division.  These matches will be Saturday morning.
Then the 6 division champs alliances will compete for the overall champion on the field called Einstein.  The matches on Thur. Fri, and Sat morning are held in the convention center.   The Einstein field will be featured at the Minute Maid ballpark Saturday afternoon/evening.
Matches will be begin on Thursday.  They are being broadcast on the internet.
How to keep up with what is going on:
A couple of places where they can be watched are:
The preliminary schedule is as follows.  There is a chance it may change if it does, I will try to update you.
Match 9      Thu  9:34
Match 17    Thu 10:38
Match 26    Thu  1:48
Match 41    Thu  3:48 
Match 52    Fri    8:24
Match 65    Fri  10:08
Match 71    Fri  10:56  
Match 84    Fri    2:34
Match 98    Fri    4:34
Match 106  Fri    5:38  
In addition you can also download an app:  FRC Spyder which will allow you to follow the tournament, give you an updated schedule when it becomes available and allow you to keep tabs are where we sit ranking-wise.
If you download the app.  Search for 2359 under All Teams, click on the team and it will show you the events we have participated in, and then click on the heart at the top   This will set 2359 as a favorite, and then it will be easier on the opening page of the app to follow what we are doing.