Procedures for Schedule Pick Up 2017-18

Senior Pick Up – Tuesday, Aug 8                         Junior Pick Up – Wednesday, Aug 9
Freshman Pick Up – Thursday, August 10              Sophomore Pick Up – Friday, August 11

Schedule pick up time will be from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

 Schedule pick up will start in the auditorium foyer at Santa Fe. With all events such as schedule pick up day patience and understanding is always the best for all parties involved.  Please be prepared to stand in line for a short time and know that everyone is in a hurry and wants to get done.  Always Protect The Pack!

Below are the steps to be followed in order to make the process as smooth as possible.

  1. Take two utility bills (must be from July or August 2017) to the appropriate table in the auditorium foyer. These bills must be utility bills (gas, electric, water, OG&E, ONG, City of Edmond, City of Oklahoma City).  After the bills are verified with your address on file a form will be stamped which indicates you are allowed to pick up your schedule.  If you have financial obligations, are on a residency affidavit, have residency issues, immunization issues, or are needed by the counselors office you will be given a form that shows your utility bills have been verified but you have some type of hold.
  1. If you were cleared at the residency verification table you will then proceed to the small gym that is located across from the cafeteria in the back hall. You will enter the small gym across from the cafeteria and proceed to the Student ID Table.  Most returning students were photographed in the Spring and will be able to purchase and receive their official Student ID’s for $5.00.  New students to Santa Fe and returning students who were not photographed in the Spring may purchase a Temporary Student ID Card for $5.00 that can be exchanged for the official Student ID after the first few weeks of school when the new Student ID’s arrive.  Students will be required to have their ID with them for security reasons and to check out books, purchase tickets to events at school, to be able to get a pass out of class, and various other things.  The STUDENT ID COSTS $5.00 and you must bring your $5.00 to get your ID and schedule on your designated day.   You will not be allowed to pick up your schedule or textbooks without purchasing your student ID.  On your schedule you will find your locker number and locker combination.

Also in the small gym you will pick up your 2017-18 parking decal.  There will be two lines:  One for those who paid early (last Spring) and one for those who are paying on the day of schedule pick up.  If you paid last school year you go to the appropriate line and pick up your decal.  If you did not pay at the end of last school year and are paying on schedule pick up day you must pay in the financial office.  Once you pay you will receive an application card and proof of payment.  Students who are paying for parking on schedule pick up day must be prepared to show a current driver’s license, proof of insurance that is current, and the tag number from their vehicle.  Both the student and their parent must sign the application card.   Once the card is complete you will take it along with license, proof of insurance, and tag number back to the appropriate table in the gym to pick up your decal.  Sophomore students will not be allowed to purchase a parking spot until after Labor Day on September 5.  If you are a sophomore and purchased a spot last year you will be able to pick up your decal.

        If you were not cleared at the residency verification table you will need to take care of the obligation that is listed on the form you were given before you can pick up your schedule.  Your form will have to be stamped by the party responsible for clearing your obligation or issue.  Once you have taken care of the obligation you may then pick up your schedule at the appropriate ticket window on the west side of the auditorium foyer.

Counselors are enrolling new students, so schedule changes will not be considered prior to the beginning of school.

  1. Once you have your schedule you will exit the doors on the east end of the small gym and get pick up your ID. When you leave the gym you will then go to the textbook room to get your books.  You must have your schedule and ID to pick up your books.  The textbook room is in the back hall and has a “Textbook Room” sign above the door.  After you get your books you may take them to your locker that is listed on your schedule.  Lockers were assigned randomly and cannot be changed without a signed note from a licensed physician.  If you have issues getting into your locker contact Mr. Brandt (Santa Fe H.S. Facilities Manager).  If he cannot get the locker open or if he is busy your name will be written down and the problem taken care of before the first day of school.  If you cannot get into your locker on schedule pick up day you will need to take your books home with you.
  1. If you need transportation information regarding buses the Edmond Public Schools Transportation Department will have a table set up on the north side of the auditorium foyer when you first walk through the glass doors into the building.