April 23, 2020

Dear Wolf Families and Students,

I am writing today to share some information about dates when students will be able to come up to the school and retrieve items left in their school or athletic lockers and turn in their Student ID. We will offer a drive-thru item pick up and ID drop off from 8am-2:30pm on the following Tuesdays:

Tuesday, April 28th Tuesday, May 5th Tuesday, May 12th Tuesday, May 19th

You are not required to retrieve items from your school locker. We would like you to come by the school to drop off your student ID even if you do not have anything in your locker. Any items not retrieved by Tuesday, May 19th will be discarded or reused/donated and unavailable for pickup. We are asking that anyone that has potentially been exposed to COVID-19 or showing any symptoms to refrain from coming to the school.

Items to be dropped off -Student ID, Library Books, Textbooks/Novels

Items to be picked up – Supplies left in locker, Items in athletic lockers (see below), Class projects/materials (see below)

We plan to have a very limited number of staff members working on these days to assist families. In order to ensure the safety of all, please be prepared to stay in your car and follow all directions given.

– We will ask students and families to wait in their vehicle in the student pick-up/drop-off area in the front of the Main Building or in front of the Freshman Academy until approached by a staff member.

– There will be two check-in places in the front drive–one for freshman students in front of the Freshman Academy and one for other students at the west end of the drive in front of the Main Building. Please remain in your car until approached by a staff member.

– All personal items from student lockers will be placed in paper bags and brought outside by a school employee on the Tuesday you come to pick up items. Any textbooks, library books, or novels belonging to the school will be turned in for you and will not be in the bag returned to you. – Please remember to bring your student ID to return!!

Athletic Lockers

If your student neeIf your student needs items from their athletic locker they will hear directly from their coach on what Tuesday they are to come to the school. All coaches will communicate specific instructions to students and parents on the protocol for item drop (uniforms, bags, etc.) off and item retrieval.

Class Projects/Materials

If students are enrolled in WoodTech or Art and need to retrieve class projects or materials from the shop or art rooms, they will hear directly from their teachers to set up a time to retrieve these items. Please remember to bring your ID to the school to drop off on one of these Tuesdays even if you do not have items left in a locker. I appreciate your patience and flexibility during this time.

Sincerely ,Jason Hayes (Principal)