Wolf Notes September 1, 2020

● September 2nd is the last day to make enrollment changes to Virtual or In-Person Learning. With that being said, it is not recommended that students change to Virtual Learning at this point in the semester since they will be two weeks behind in starting the online learning and we try to stay on a schedule of completing two online courses every six weeks.

● Our school district this year made adjustments to the bus schedule and school start/end times in order to reduce the number of students having to ride on each school bus as a way to increase social distancing and safety. This change has worked as expected, but it has also brought a change to our after school dismissal on the west side of the school campus. With twice as many buses as last year picking up students, the buses do not all fit in the bus loop at one time and stretch far back on the west entry/exit drive during that 2:55-3:15 time period. Parents and students can greatly help us out by using the east entry/exit or the Santa Fe entry/exit at the end of the school day instead of the west entry/exit off of 15th. Also, when using the front drive to pick up students, please remember that the lane closest to the building is for drop off/pick up and the other two lanes are pass through lanes (like at the airport). And, remember that the front drive is one way but the second row parking lot drive is two way and can take you back to the stoplight after you drop off or pick up.

● Senior Class Officers have been selected during the past week. Eight students submitted applications and officer roles have been identified for all of these students. As a result, there will not be an election for Senior Class Officers. Senior Class Sponsors are Susan Newman and Alyssa Friesen.

● Class Officer Elections for Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshman Students will take place during the first half of September. Students interested in running for class officer can contact the following teachers for more information: ○ Junior Class: Grace Cassell and Alixandrea Robinson ○ Sophomore Class: Valerie Roberson ○ Freshman Class: Shannon Toney

● During these early weeks of school (prior to Labor Day Break), teachers are being asked to be very flexible with students as they turn in assignments. Using Canvas is not new, but using it this extensively creates a new way of teaching and learning for many of our teachers and students. As we begin the school year, it is only natural that teachers and students will be making ongoing adjustments. That is why I have asked teachers to show “grace” to students during the first couple weeks of the school year. If there is any confusion about assignments, students and parents please communicate directly with
the teacher. Within 24 hours of an email or phone call, hopefully a resolution can be worked out.

● Students continue to do an excellent job of practicing safety inside the school building by wearing masks, walking on the right side of the hallway, and following seating protocols at breakfast and lunch. Keep up the good work! Thank you for protecting the PACK!

● High Schools around the country continue to experience social media bullying as students create “gossip” pages that identify individuals and share information that is embarrassing and slanderous. We are currently working with police to identify the students responsible for creating pages like this about Santa Fe HS. Students responsible will face definite school consequences and possible police consequences as a result of their actions. The “P” in “PACK” stands for “Practice Respect” and the “K” stands for “Keep it Classy.” This disrespectful and hurtful behavior on the part of some students has no place in our school.

● Virtual Edmond Students taking AP Classes may notice an adjustment in their courses over the next couple days as we calibrate the best way to deliver the curriculum for each course. This will involve using AP teachers to provide in-person and Canvas resources to students who are working at home every day. After looking at APEX resources for AP, we feel that combining those resources with the same resources that the in-person students may access is the best way to truly prepare our students for AP success.

● September 11th is our first home football game vs. North. A separate email will be sent out explaining the protocols for this event and for other home football games this season. We are limited to 2100 tickets to sell and we need to balance that number among many groups: football, band, pom, cheer, visitors, students, general admission. The email later this week will explain the process for purchasing student tickets.

● Homecoming Week is still scheduled for the week of September 21-25. Events this week will be outdoor events with social distancing and safety measures being taken. Student Council will begin promoting this exciting week in the coming days.

● Labor Day Break September 7 and 8. School is not in session for students on these days. September 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, and 11 are not in-person days for Group A students but still are scheduled school days. Students need to remember to work from home on these six days in order to be counted as present.

● Attendance for students when working at home is being adjusted to correct some accidental inaccuracies for the first week of school. Please give us the next couple days to fix this issue.

● Lunch for students on free and reduced lunch who are working at home is provided in the front drive at Santa Fe each day from 10:45-11:15.

● Our Food Pantry is generously stocked by our amazing Parents and Friends of Santa Fe (PFSF). Students may contact the attendance secretaries in the Back Attendance Office either before school or after school for assistance. Also, students may contact any educator if help is needed.

● For safety, we have turned off the water fountains around campus. As an alternative, we are ordering two additional Water Refill Stations for our school. One will be placed in the Back Hall and the other in the Freshman Academy. We already have three other locations: Football Fieldhouse, Band Room, and the 200s Hall (West Hallway near the bus loop). The two new refill stations will not be in place for at least 45 days (due to high demand around the country), but should arrive not long after fall break. Students are welcome to bring water bottles and water containers to school each day to have during class time. Please remember that only water, drinks purchased at breakfast or lunch, or drinks purchased from the vending machines are approved during the school day.

● Virtual Open House will be Thursday, September 10th. Each teacher will post to Canvas for Parents and Students a video discussing the curriculum and going over the syllabus and classroom procedures. The videos will be able to be accessed starting at 4:00 pm on Thursday, September 10th.

Thank you for your support, flexibility, and patience as we have worked to get school started this year! Santa Fe is an amazing school and we are planning to have an excellent year even though it may look much different from what everyone is used to.

Our theme for this school year is “Rise Together!” Along with our feeder schools Summit and Heartland, we chose this combined theme as a way to represent the idea that we are moving forward in spite of past and present challenges. We can be an example to the Edmond and North OKC Community of how to “rise together,” how to “strive together,” and how to create “shared experiences” that move our Santa Fe Family in a positive direction.