Edmond Santa Fe High School 

September 2021

  • All students have had an opportunity to obtain a School ID.  As a school with a large high school campus, School IDs are an important part of maintaining school safety.  Being able to quickly identify students and staff helps us to protect the learning environment by knowing that those on campus are allowed to be here and that they are in the appropriate places on campus at the appropriate times.  Starting next Tuesday, September 7th, Student ID expectations will be as follows:

* It is recommended that a student will choose to wear the School ID properly displayed using a lanyard or a clip.

* It is required that a student be able to present the School ID to any school employee who asks to see it.  (School employees will be wearing visible School IDs.)

  • Juniors and Seniors who choose to leave campus at lunch should be prepared to show their student IDs to parking staff and other educators who are helping with supervision during lunch.  Juniors and seniors who leave must fully leave campus and not “hang out” in cars or other places on campus.
  • Lunch takes place for Freshman students in the Freshman Cafeteria and in the Courtyard.  Lunch takes place for upperclassmen who stay on campus in the Main Cafeteria, the Back Hall, or the Auditorium Lobby.  No backpacks are allowed in the serving lines.  Students need School IDs when going through the serving lines.  Please remember that breakfast and lunch are provided free of charge this school year for students who choose to participate.
  • All students who drive to school have had an opportunity to purchase a parking permit.  Starting September 7th, we are going to begin identifying cars without permits and ask those students to comply with the parking permit requirement or lose their parking privileges until they do.
  • Eligibility begins following the upcoming holiday break.  Students with failing grades will be unable to participate in school activities until their grades return to a passing level.  Early in the school year when there are fewer assignments then there will be later on, this first eligibility week sometimes sneaks up on our students.  Make sure to use the long weekend to catch up on missing work.
  • All students should have chromebooks checked out to them at this point in the school year.  Please remember that much of the curriculum requires technology participation by students.  It is important to charge the chromebook each night so that it is ready for school the next day.  When students show up to school without a chromebook and/or do not log in to Canvas or school email to check for assignments and important curriculum information, it is a possible indicator that the student is struggling academically.  For in-person students, we have a blended curriculum that uses both traditional and technology-focused activities.
  • Should your student be at home due to illness or at home due to COVID quarantine, please know that teachers are being directed to be flexible and accommodating in working with students who are not in attendance.  Please remember that students who are working from home due to quarantine will be counted as present so long as they log in to school email and Canvas to participate in class activities.  It is important for students to check in with teachers each school day even when working from home (unless illness prevents work from taking place).
  • Academic Team will have an organizational meeting on Tuesday, September 7th during Advisory in Room 24 B.
  • Advisory days on Tuesday and Thursday are designed to provide students with 20 minutes of time to participate in school activity meetings and to get extra help from a teacher.  There will be an Advisory List each week.  Teachers having school activity meetings and also teachers needing to see students to provide academic support will put students’ names on the list so that second hour teachers may release approved students during Advisory.  Students will have five minutes to travel to their advisory locations before the 20 minutes begin.  There will be no tolerance for students who wander around campus during that 20 minutes of advisory time.
  • At this time, we are unable to make any additions to Virtual Edmond for students wanting to switch from in-person to virtual instruction.  The deadline was August 25th to request a change.
  • School Announcements are made two ways at Santa Fe.  We make announcements by intercom and also by using our new TVs (7 in different places around Campus).  For the TV announcements, our system uses PowerPoint and Google Slides to display announcements (including audio and video clips).  We hope you enjoy this new feature as you move around campus!
  • There is no school on Friday, September 3rd or Monday, September 6th.  Please enjoy your four day holiday weekend!