When dropping off or picking up a student from the 15th Street South Drive at Santa Fe HS, please remember that the drive is one way going from east to west.  Remember to use the lane nearest the curb for drop off and pick up only and to use the other two lanes as pass-through lanes only.  Recently, there have been concerns with vehicles stopping in the pass-through lanes and using those lanes for drop off and pick up (which creates a danger situation for  students).  Please only use the lane nearest the curb for drop off and pick up.

The parking area just south of the drive is two-way which allows a driver to use either the stoplight to the east or the stop sign to the west when exiting back onto 15th Street.

The Santa Fe Avenue entrance/exit to the school campus is open at the beginning and end of the day for access but remains closed during the majority of the school day for safety reasons.  All persons needing to access the Santa Fe Campus during the day should enter from the 15th Street entrances/exits.  There is a designated parking area for employees and visitors. The Security Gates are monitored throughout the school day to insure that only students, employees, and other authorized vehicles are parking on the north side of campus.

During winter break, access to school campus will be limited to only those school groups with activities taking place over the break.

Food Pantry

During this holiday season, please be aware that our Santa Fe food pantry is stocked with food and drink items for students and families in need.  Students and/or parents may contact school personnel (administrators, counselors, secretaries) to arrange a care package of items for your family during the upcoming winter break.

Schedule Changes

While we are happy to review schedule change requests for second semester, please understand that there is limited space for students to move from one class to another.  There must be both a compelling reason to make a change and also a workable alternative schedule that does not negatively impact class sizes in order for a schedule change to be approved.  Students may pick up a schedule change request form in the counseling office through Friday, December 10, 2021.

Semester Test Information

All teachers will give a culminating assessment during the final week of first

semester. The assessment will take the form of either a comprehensive exam, a major writing assessment (essay, timed writing, research paper), or a class project.

  • Hours 1, 3, and 5 will take place on Thursday, December 16, 2021
  • Hours 2, 4, and 6 will take place on Friday, December 17, 2021
  • Hour 7 teachers may choose the date and time for the semester test.
  • Passes to leave school following testing must be pre-arranged by parents with the attendance office.  Students should stop by the attendance office prior to the final test for that day and pick up the pre-arranged pass before going to class.  Classes will not be interrupted during a testing period to check out a student.
  • First semester grades are not finalized until Friday, January 7th, 2022; as a result, any student who misses scheduled semester tests should plan to make up the exams during the first week following winter break (Jan. 4-7).

Winter Break

Winter Break lasts from December 18th thru January 3rd.  School resumes on January 4th with the beginning of second semester.  Student schedules for second semester can be found on Infinite Campus.