Students and Parents

(of Santa Fe HS, Heartland MS, and Summit MS):

Our first home football game for Edmond Santa Fe High School is this Friday, August 26th.  Students from Edmond Schools who use hometownticketing.com and download the app to purchase a season pass or an individual ticket will be allowed entrance into the event by showing their proof of purchase on their phones.  Edmond Students who do not pre-purchase tickets and instead plan to purchase a ticket at the ticket window WILL NOT be allowed to purchase a ticket without a valid EPS Student ID.  Students from the visiting school will also be encouraged to either pre-purchase tickets or to have a valid Student ID in order to purchase tickets at the ticket window.

All students who attend football games will be required to remain in the stands unless they are using the restroom or making a purchase at the concession stand. Any students that are standing around under the stands on the concourse or near the Football Fieldhouse will be required to leave the game and will not be allowed to attend future games/events at Santa Fe.

Students who fight or who act disrespectfully towards Police Officers and/or Edmond School Employees will be immediately removed from the event and will receive documentation prohibiting future attendance at Santa Fe games/events for the remainder of the school year.

Santa Fe has one of the most successful Athletic Programs in Oklahoma.  Our events should be a showcase for our student-athletes and a fun environment for our guests.  Actions that are not safe or that demean from the positive atmosphere of the event will not be tolerated.


Jason Hayes


Santa Fe HS