Wolf Notes

September 2022

Embrace the challenge to Protect the PACK! 

We want to say thank you to our students for helping school get off to a successful start during this first month of the school year. Now, as we settle into the fall semester, it is important to continue the positive momentum. 

We use the phrase “Protect the PACK” all the time because it best explains our School Identity. The word PACK stands for the following values: 

Practice Respect
Accept Responsibility
Commit to Excellence
Keep It Classy 

To “Protect the PACK” means to make positive decisions that bring good outcomes to yourself, to others, and to Edmond Santa Fe High School: 

Edmond Santa Fe HS Learning Expectations 

Academic Expectations 

Students at Edmond Santa Fe HS will: 

  • Accept responsibility for learning by consistently participating in learning opportunities
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Commit to excellence by showing improvement in personal academic performance each school year 

Social & Civic Expectations 

Students at Edmond Santa Fe HS will: 

  • Practice respect in all interactions with school stakeholders
  • Keep all forms of communication classy (appropriate in content and respectful in tone)
  • Accept responsibility for behavior by modeling positive actions for others 
    It is our hope that every student and educator at Santa Fe will embrace the challenge to Protect the PACK this school year.

Important Information and Upcoming Events 

  • The Edmond School Board officially set the date for Graduation to be Friday, May 12, 2023 at 7:30 pm at Santa Fe High School. 
  • Advisory (for Academic Help) starts on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week beginning on September 13th. This time period from 10:10-10:30 on Tuesday and Thursday can be used to provide extra academic help to students. Teachers must sign up students prior to Advisory Time in order for a student to be dismissed at 10:05 to report to a teacher for academic help. Students and parents can request use of this time by contacting the teacher in advance of Advisory Time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 
  • Students need to keep the protective cases on their Chromebooks. Not using the protective case will invalidate the insurance for the Chromebook. Also, students are responsible for charging Chromebooks at home rather than at school. 
  • We are limiting Hall Passes during 4th Hour (when lunch is taking place) as a safety measure for our school. It is important that half of our school remains in class learning while the other half is eating lunch. 
  • Student IDs are expected to be worn each day by students and educators. Students will need their IDs to access many services at school (door access, hall passes, cafeteria service, financial office, media center). 
  • The Edmond Schools Dress Code can be found on our school website. Students have been advised of the dress code numerous times to begin this school year. Continued violation of the dress code policy will result in discipline consequences. 
  • Cell Phone use by students during class time is not allowed. Teachers were reminded in faculty meeting last week that the policy also applies to the final 10-15 minutes of class. Students do not need cell phone devices because they already have electronic devices in their Chromebooks. (Some elective classes such as fine arts and career tech utilize cell phones as part of the curriculum, but those are the only ones where cell phones are necessary). Also, students using hall passes to go to the restroom are asked to leave cell phones in class while they are gone from class. 
  • At the Board Meeting last week, renovation work was approved for next summer for both cafeteria areas, the freshman science rooms, and the math rooms in A Hall. This work is in addition to the construction that is continuing on the six-classroom addition being built near our west bus loop. Following these two projects which should finish in time for next school year, there will be another six-classroom addition on the west side of school as well as renovations to the science rooms in A and B Halls. 
  • PSAT Sign-up continues for Juniors and Sophomores thru October 7th. Remember, this test is required for Juniors who want to pursue National Merit Recognition and is available for practice for Sophomores. Starting September 19th, we will also open up the PSAT Test for Freshman students who want to take a practice test. The PSAT National Merit Recognition only applies to Junior students taking the exam during the Junior year.