In keeping with the philosophy of the Edmond Public Schools, all students are given the opportunity to participate in the orchestra program, to learn and progress musically as far as his or her abilities and desires permit. If the student accepts the challenge, has the self-discipline required, and feels responsibility toward the program, the student will undoubtedly succeed.
Music transcends barriers of ethnic background, economic status, language, and even literacy in its power to reach the depths of the human soul. Experiences with music develop a student’s ability to make value judgments, to function logically as well as intuitively, and to utilize one’s innate creativity. Participation in performance organizations encourages initiative and leadership in students, stimulates goal-oriented thought processes, creates an appreciation and respect for the efforts of others, and assists students to develop a sense of responsibility to themselves and the organization. Realizing that although your student musician may not choose to seek a career in music, the mental discipline and thought processes required in the study of music are quite applicable in all fields of endeavor and develops an inner drive for excellence