To the left, you will find the fillable pdf parking Permit Form. Please read carefully and fill out all required information. If you choose to sign your form with an electronic signature, click the red flag on the signature box, click “New Digital ID” and follow the instructions. If not you can fill out the form print and sign manually. Please bring your printed form with you when you are picking your parking space.

Please remember that only students with a valid (not learning permit) driver’s license can purchase the permit. Parking permits are $60 for a full year and $30 for a half year (only after January 1, 2021).

Seniors and Juniors can purchase them now; Sophomores and Freshmen will have to wait until September 2020. All Freshman permit requests must be pre-approved by the Freshman Assistant Principal before the actual purchase of the permit.

Please refer to the SFHS Handbook and the EPS District Regulation 4625R for more detailed information on rules and regulations.