Edmond Santa Fe High School


Santa Fe High School

Edmond Santa Fe High School, opened in August of 1993 with classes for ninth and tenth grades only. Over the next five years, six phases saw the school to its completion in 1997. The first graduating class of Edmond Santa Fe High School was in 1996.

The name for the high school was chosen for its historical reference to the Santa Fe Railroad which literally put the town of Edmond on the map. The town of Edmond, originally called “Summit” was a coal and watering stop on the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe line in March of 1887.

Santa Fe High School provides a challenging and comprehensive curriculum which prepares students for opportunities beyond high school. Keeping in mind our students are future leaders, Santa Fe has a goal of educating students for excellence in a highly competitive global society.

Located, in Edmond, Oklahoma, a suburban community north of Oklahoma City with a population of over 95,000.  Edmond is the fastest growing city in Oklahoma. The community is composed of a majority of families whose parents are college graduates holding both professional and managerial occupations.

Santa Fe presently has an enrollment of approximately 2426 students in grades 9-12. The ethnic background of the school population consists of 45 percent Caucasian, 19 percent African American, 12 percent Hispanic American, 8 percent Asian American, 2 percent American Indian/Alaska Native, .3 percent Native Hawaii/Pacific Island and 12 percent 2 or More.

Santa Fe is a public high school accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools and currently has 47 support staff members and 143 certified faculty members of which 39 have graduate degrees, 3 doctorate degree and 6 are National Board Certified Teachers.