Parents & Students

Parents and Friends

Parents and Friends of Santa Fe (PFSF) is an organization that supports teachers and students at Santa Fe High School.  To stay in the loop, please look for us on Faccebook at Santa Fe High School Parents and Friends. With the money earned through the fundraising, we provide monthly staff/teacher appreciation, school beautification, additional funds and supplies for classrooms and student groups, and scholarships for seniors. For any questions or concerns, Send Email to Parents and Friends SF.

Donations through PayPal are accepted, and appreciated year round.

Our Paypal handle is @edmondpfsf.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 to help with carious projects, and staff appreciation days throughout the school year.

Did you know that Santa Fe High School has a food pantry? Well we do, and we need your help to stock it. Please use the link below to order items that can be shipped directly to Santa Fe. Thank you for helping too #ProtectThePack.